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Climate Change

To Combat Climate Change, I will promote and support policies to:

1.  Plant more trees which will also generate employment and conserve our water resources.

2.  Reduce Green House Gases by working with our regional partners to make our public transit emission free.

3.  Prioritize our environment and ecology with expert guidance in considering any development projects.

4.  Make our city more pedestrian and bike friendly to give residents more environmentally friendly options for mobility.

5.  Reduce the carbon footprint of the big businesses in our city by requiring them to use fully renewable energy resources and rewarding them for any climate friendly innovations.


Land Use

For sustainable land Use, I will promote and support policies to:

1.  Provide an environmentally friendly home for everyone.

2.  Focus on making the existing housing safe and environmentally friendly.

3.  Incentivize family friendly ownership housing to encourage long term residents and to kindle community spirit.

4.  Provide livable spaces for our essential workers, educators, and the work-force that is essential to our economy but has to travel from out of the region because they cannot afford the housing or the cost of living in Emeryville.

5. Explore opportunities to repurpose any existing commercial stock into housing.


Public Health and Safety

To increase public health and safety, I will promote and support policies to:

1.  Provide adequate resources to our police and fire departments to enhance public safety in collaboration with the regional corridor.

2.  Encourage neighborhood watch programs by collaborating with our police department.

3.  Collaborate with state agencies, non-profits, and social services to address mental health, addiction, and socio-economic factors that will help the unhoused become self-reliant, and live with dignity. 

4.  Partner with our neighboring cities to hold Cal-Trans accountable for keeping our public spaces clean and healthy.


Small Businesses and Employment

For Small Businesses and Employment:


1.  According to EDD, Emeryville's unemployment rate in March, 2022, stood at 2.3% and was the lowest in the region.

2.  The opportunities in Emeryville exist in attracting more employees especially for small businesses that are recovering from the pandemic and struggling to keep up with the inflationary increases in rents and energy bills.

3.  To keep our small businesses sustainable especially during the present economic crises, incentives in the from of grants or low interest loans could be considered.

4.  If any federal or State funds can be driven towards keeping the small businesses sustainable, I would promote and support those policies.


Allocation of Resources

For Allocation of Resources, I will promote and support policies to:


1.  Adequately staff all our departments with the best talent and resources to meet the goals of our city.  This is a priority especially at the staffing level.

2.  Allocate any State and Federal funding for Climate Change to improve our environment and invigorate our local economy with climate change initiatives.

3.  Effectively and strategically use Measure C funds and State Funds for the anticipated growth that will triple our population by 2040.  

4.  Increase ownership family friendly housing and incentivize such housing across all income levels per Measure C that passed with an overwhelming majority.  

5.  Balance our mixed use land.   The Emeryville Center of Innovation will bring positive economic growth to the region.   We will need to build housing for all income levels to balance the commercial land use with residential land use.



For infrastructure in Emeryville, I will promote and support policies to:


1.  Obtain and allocate any regional funding for transportation and infrastructure to cater for the anticipated growth in a sustainable way including prioritizing the 40th street Bus Hub and other mobility facilitating projects.

2.  Make City Vehicles emission free.

3.  Increase mobility and Health with pedestrian friendly and bike friendly streets.

4.  Improve mobility for all levels of income and across all demographics.

5.  Reduce anticipated congestion due to the new development projects that will invigorate the local economy and generate revenue.

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